Megan Leszczynski - Stanford University

Hello! I am a final-year Computer Science PhD student at Stanford University advised by Christopher Ré. My PhD has focused on developing methods to leverage structured data (e.g., knowledge graphs) to improve natural language representations. During my time at Stanford, I also had the opportunity to intern at Google Research (mentored by Arun Chaganty) and Microsoft GSL (mentored by Fotis Psallidas). Prior to Stanford, I graduated from Cornell with a double major in Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering, where I was advised by Christopher Batten on computer architecture research.

I am interested in building machine learning systems. Recently, I have worked on improving how machines understand language, through applications in named entity disambiguation, document retrieval, and conversational recommendations. I enjoy trying to write clean, usable code and distilling topics into simple concepts for teaching. I’ve designed and given lectures to Stanford’s CS 224N (NLP with Deep Learning) and CS 229 (Machine Learning) courses and was an instructor for Stanford AI4ALL for high school students.

Publications and Preprints

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Teaching Experience

Stanford University
  • CS 329S: Machine Learning Systems Design, Teaching Assistant (Winter 2022)
  • CS 224N: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, Teaching Assistant (Winter 2021)
Cornell University
  • ECE 4750: Computer Architecture, Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Fall 2016)
  • CS 1110: Introduction to Python, Consultant (Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016)